SEGMENT II: Collecting Art

Welcome to Art Talk. My name is Kerry Filiberto. I’m the Gallery Director at Cortile Gallery. Today we’re going to discuss “how do I build an art collection?”

Whether you’re a novice collector, buying your first piece of artwork, or a seasoned collector building your collection of work, it’s most important that you learn and stay true to your personal style. If you are a novice collector or  a first time buyer, educating yourself is extremely important as to what draws you to a particular piece or genre of artwork.

One of the best ways to learn about your style is to actually visit locations with artwork. For instance, visit museums, art fairs and art galleries. The representatives at these locations can help you understand the mediums used to create specific artwork and how these various mediums might respond or change in your environment. Art representatives can discuss spatial relationships of art placement and other important aspects of collecting art. In general,  they can be a wonderful guide for you when building your art collection.

If you are a seasoned art collector, perhaps you have an intentional collection such as collecting 20th century artists, a well versed gallery representative can help you build your art collection to another level.  Representatives at well established art venues can inform you when a certain piece of art becomes available or  when a new emerging  or established artist offers work in a similar genre of which you are collecting.     I suggest to reach out to all available sources when building your art collection and work at establishing a relationship with art galleries in your community.