Deb Keirce

Artist Bio:

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Debra Keirce has painted realistic fine art since the 1980’s when she worked as a biochemical engineer in New England.  In 2010, she turned her passion for the visual arts into a full time career. Her art is created in a classical realism style in her Northern Virginia studios.  

Debra paints three different themes that resonate deeply with her. First, she honors the golden age artists of the 17th century with traditional renditions of still life, landscape and portraiture. Their classical realism teachings are the foundation for her oil painting process. Second, she embraces the vintage and surreal. There is beauty in the aging and broken people, places and things around us. Oddities are worthy of contemplation. Third, the vistas, faces and history of America are a joy for Keirce to paint because our country is so very eclectic, rich and varied. Debra’s miniature fine art and hidden painting series offer atypical ways to interact with her art. Centuries ago, paintings were often in cupboards or under curtains until people leaned in to view them. Keirce finds that some art is more precious when you put effort into seeing it close up and personal. In these ways, she offers art that is visual and experiential. If you love her oil paintings they love you back by inviting you to feel appreciated, comforted, engaged and at peace. 

Debra’s work has earned her a long resume. It is in private, museum and corporate collections across the globe, including the USA, Japan, Belize, France, England. She holds signature memberships in over a dozen prestigious societies including Copley Society of Art (as well as their juried portrait registry,) Salmagundi Club, International Guild of Realism, American Women Artists, National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society.  She is a master artist member of Art Renewal Center, the US Coast Guard, and Miniature Artists of America.  Debra considers each of  her awards, signature memberships, museum, acquisitions, published features and interviews to be affirmations along her art journey. 

While her subject matter and size vary, every painting has a job. A painting by Debra Keirce makes your heart smile. Can you feel the breeze? Do you hear the birds chirping? Can you relate to the mood on that face? Do you want to lean in and smell that flower or taste that grape? Good. Mission accomplished.