Dennis Allee

Dennis Allee has been immersed in the creation of Raku pottery for ten years and within ceramics for twenty years. He views himself as a distant disciple of the Japanese Raku Masters dating back to the 15th century and strives to emulate their aesthetic in his work, emphasizing simplicity of form and decoration. He learned Raku glazing and firing techniques from acclaimed Provincetown sculptor Richard Pepitone and Jim Burnell, visiting instructor at Castle Hill in Truro. Other ceramic mentors have included Bill Burrell, from Shusan Potters in Upstate New York, and Mary Fassett, noted Truro artist. Allee is also influenced, spiritually and artistically, by the reknowned Native American potters from the Southwest. In recent years, Dennis has immersed himself in studying decorative, raku-fired, ceramic art with the gifted raku artist and teacher, Don Williams of St. Petersburg, FL.