About Valentine Estabrook

Artist Statement:

My 2017-2019 series, Space Walks, has challenged my way of approaching a painting.  I’m working with Acrylics, a medium I used to disdain…but no longer. I took a class where people were painting in acrylic and applying the medium with rice paper instead of brushes.  Intriguing. That led to my adventure in space. All of the works in this series are painted in Acrylic paint. No brushes allowed. I apply the paint with rice paper.

As a child I had always planned on traveling among the stars. After all, we did land on the moon. Alas my travel plans were thwarted by war and politics and all things small. Instead I painted. The result is a growing collection of abstract interpretations of NASA space photos taken by the Hubble Space Telescope and Voyager 2.  The Nasa website states that all the photographs shown are owned by me, well, rather by all of us, people of the USA. “Do with it as you will.” I love that. So empowering.

I continue painting plein air landscapes. Sky and Water and Sand.  I work in oils applied with palette knives.   Working outdoors is challenging as well as rewarding.  Though plein air is a smaller scale, summertime joy of mine, the fast paced technique informs my studio work.