About Nan Hass Feldman

Artist Statement
Blessed by a love of life, an optimistic outlook, a very high energy level, a passion for painting, and a drive to keep my creative life in the forefront–all these traits have kept me going in a more-than-forty-year career as an artist. My interiors and landscapes explore a love of heightened color, pattern, and decoration, playful detail, and clear, yet intricate design. Believing that “more is more”, I delight in making my work overflow with luscious, color-laden content to project a joyful and complex enthusiasm for life, my everyday surroundings, and
my experiences abroad.
My own work reflects my love of art history and my direct response to, and interpretation of the culture, architecture, landscape, objects, and aesthetics of each new trip and teaching experience. I enjoy interpreting everything through my screen of selective seeing, playful
detail, heightened color, and bits of fantasy. For me, art is really about enhancing and interpreting reality to create a more optimistic and joyous world.
Artist Bio
Having grown up in Brooklyn, I spent my childhood taking classes at the Brooklyn Museum and in my teens, visiting museums in Manhattan on Saturdays. I received a BFA, and MA, and an MFA in painting and have had over 50 one-person shows, many more group shows, and numerous museum exhibits and received many awards. My work is represented in collections in six countries. Since 1972, I have taught in an elementary school, three art museums in Massachusetts and at Framingham State University. Starting in 1999, I led and
taught many painting workshops in the Drôme Provencal and in Provence, France. I have also led painting workshops in Cortona, Italy; Boca de Tomatlan, Mexico; and Skopelos, Greece. Since 2012, I have run the Artists Loft on the Oceania Cruise Line in many parts of the world.