About Don Gorvett

Artist Statement:

These woodcuts express the abstract geometric shapes and distant configurations of our architecture in the Northeast. Upon the sea waters of estuaries and harbors are mirrored the play of interweaving lights and darks of buildings and piers crowned by steeples and mast tops. I am fascinated by the ghostly quality of these buildings looming out of the mists, endowed with strength and endurance.

For me, historic architecture represents a bridge between one life-span into another. Abandoned not by time, but by those who built them, our structures remain and continue to wage war with nature’s elements.

“One can only marvel at the delicate artistry, disciplined craftsmanship, and sheer physicality inherent in the beautiful reduction woodcuts of artist, Don Gorvett. Possessing a draftsmen’s sensibilities for the beauty of the drawn line – thick to thin, straight and curving, bold and subtle – the printmaker fashions compositions rich with movement and texture. With a painters eye for color, Gorvett produces print with elegant and evocative tonal harmonies not usually associated with woodcuts. And, with a sculptor’s sense of light, he creates dramatic contrast between color and carved hard-edge, giving great solidity to both form and space. What emerges are masterful woodcuts containing images of such power and grace that they place Gorvett among today’s most accomplished regional printmakers.” Dr. Michael Culver, Past Executive Director of the Ogunquit Museum of American Art, Past Executive Director of the Baker Museum, Naples, Fld., and currently an independent curator.