About Debra Keirce

Artist Statement:

I am a contemporary realist painter. I am also an experienced chemical engineer, a mother, a wife and a traveler. My art expresses all of these life adventures. When you view one of my paintings I hope that you feel, smell, taste, see and hear the experience in your mind’s eye.

Using oil or acrylic paints, I paint in a tightly rendered realistic style. My work ranges in size from four feet down to two inches. Part of my process for creating miniature fine art involves the use of magnifying lenses and close range binoculars. I enjoy demonstrating these techniques, and offer interactive painting demonstrations where I invite people to try their hand at painting on pieces I have started.

I like to break rules. I especially like to break the rule that says you should only paint one subject. This makes me a good choice for collectors who want to commission a painting. I confidently render still life, portraits, pets, cityscapes, seascapes and landscapes.