About Debbie Mueller

Artist Statement:

This is the story of an accidental artist, the story of an Obstetrician/Gynecologist, Mother, and Wife, who discovers, at the age of 56, that she is a painter.
I am the daughter of an artist mother, and crafty father, and had always seen myself as having received my father’s genes. I pursued hobbies of mosaic making, pottery, and even photography, leaving the fine art to my mother. However, when visiting my parents in Sarasota, Florida in February of 2016, on a rainy afternoon, boredom led to me reluctantly agreeing to paint with my mother. My life was forever changed.
Since then, I have not stopped learning, and have not stopped painting. I have transitioned from acrylic paint to oil, and explored a variety of subjects. I have studied with Susan Schwake, Tom Glover, Pamela DuLong Williams, Todd Bonita, Stan Moeller, David Lussier, Sean Beavers, and Tim Horn, and have taken away important lessons from each.
As I find my voice, I am also finding an audience for my work in Portsmouth and beyond. I delight in having discovered this hidden passion, and look forward to living the rest of my life as an artist.
While I am drawn to the landscape in all its wardrobe, my heart sings when I can paint the dance between light and shadow.