About Cindy Journey

Artist Statement:

I am inspired by stories, they are my muse. My sculptures come from absorbing something read, experienced or told that has profound meaning to me. It most often has to do with justice, injustice or passion. If it is a good enough story, even the mundane fascinates. Art has always played an important role throughout my life, but it took several careers before my creative spirit grew so loud that I could no longer ignore it, and I fully committed myself to art. Exploring various types of painting, textiles, mixed media and working with clay have all contributed to my creative journey. These experiences have led me to where I am today – creating sculpture made from an uniquely knitted material. The process begins by knitting a piece using silk wrapped yarn. I then treat it so I can begin to manipulate it. I work with the woven piece until I see something. This is the moment of magic, the vision I hold onto until the idea is realized. The process of treating the knit material and capturing the right form culminate in making the structure work. Layers of metallic paints are applied and oxidized to achieve the final patina. The sculpture and the story come full circle.